Freak Observer

Sound Design, Animation,

Concept Design, Experimental

This project is themed around the concept of Freak Observers, the spontaneous creation of a sentient consciousness which would be alien within its natural habitat.

Featured at the London ICA film festival launch 2019

The Process

This project drew inspiration from the hostile environments of other worlds and the primordial conditions to develop the building blocks of life. Abstraction through raw atonal sound generated under saturation and granular chaos. The visuals are multi dimensional being dug from archives, macro filming, particle simulation along with some key scenes contributed by the talented Akiko Haruna. Much alike the subject nature this project aims to be far from perfect with a vein of anti-aesthetic.

Layer 5.png


Layer 7.png

Visual Composition

Akiko Haruna 

Jedd Winterburn

Sound Design

Jedd Winterburn