Jedd Winterburn is an award wining artist who after a myriad of work in the creative industry has found a focus as a freelance audio-visual installation Artist & Designer.

He didn’t pick up a guitar at a young age, he built a big dub-rig and hosted events in the hills, barns and clubs of Devon when he was still a minor. This underground culture is where you can trace his early influences. Paired with a taste for the music that circulates on the fringes of consumption and an ability to build a vision.

A decade of practise and execution has granted him a proficient skill set in both sound and fabrication. Now an academic that studies the systematic evolution of musicality and art, his work offers a flare of technical prowess with an intimate connection to the medium. His recent projects are founded in the emerging fields of installation art, generative and interactive-composition, finding an impact at the London ICA and Brighton Fringe.

Artist Statement 

"As a creative I defined my values by observing systems of artistic communication, listening to the noise of my subject to reveal the fundamental patterns which in combination form the complexity. My skill became the means in which I communicate my observation, the labours of such a creative process yielding what I consider to be the most important quality of an artist, authenticity.

I found my voice by pursuing a fascination of sound, I speak through the crafting of sound and will support my message with an assembly of visual counterpoint. My methods from thought to finalisation have always flowed through many mediums, which in turn inform the final process. When I work with sound my prime motivation is to develop a human experience, something to beheld in memory.


I remain open and curious in the ways I apply my craft, however there is a strong attraction to the synergy between sound and moving image that I can't refuse, I hope this body of work communicates my future intentions to clients and collaborators"